LionOS Mate is here.

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Dover, Delaware, May 23, 2020 —LionOS is proud to announce our Newest edition to our Linux Distribution, LionOS Mate. LionOS Mate is lightweight and fashionable.

“We saw people installing Mate and asking for it on the telegram channel” says LionOS project lead Red Rayner. “We are all about giving out community what they want and deserve. ”

Users can expect a lean build that is one third the size of Microsoft’s Windows 10, while providing a full modern desktop experience. LionOS is the answer for people who are struggling with older hardware. LionOS is also for people who want more out of the hardware they have. 

LionOS Mate Alpha is available for download immediately at the following link:

About LionOS: LionOS is a free operating system based on MX Linux with no warranty. It is easy for Windows users to use because we have implemented various shortcuts similar to ones used in Windows.

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