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Dover, Delaware, May 10, 2020 —LionOS is proud to announce our partnership with Hefftor Edition Linux. We partnered with Hefftor to produce a Gnome Desktop edition of LionOS. The Gnome Desktop edition is called Hefty LionOS. 

“We are extremely excited to be working with Hefftor on such a large project,” says LionOS project lead Red Rayner. “Windows 7 isn’t secure anymore, It died in January. People have hardware laying around going to waste because it doesn’t support Windows 10. Hefty LionOS is superior to Windows 10 in every way imaginable.”

Users can expect a lean build that is half the size of Microsoft’s Windows 10, while providing a full modern desktop experience. Heffty LionOS is the answer for people who are struggling with older hardware. Heffty LionOS is also for people who want more out of the hardware they have. 
Brad Heffernan is on the Arco Linux core team. He is the main man behind Arco Tweak Tools. 

Hefty LionOS is available for download immediately at the following links:





About LionOS: LionOS is a free operating system based on MX Linux with no warranty. It is easy for Windows users to use because we have implemented various shortcuts similar to ones used in Windows.

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