Installing Final Fantasy XI ( FFXI ) & Ashita on LionOS Linux using Lutris + winetricks in 2020

Table of Content

Step 1:
Install Lutris and wine via package manager
Step 2:
Install FINAL FANTASY XI via Lutris script
Step 3:
Rename Path/to/PlayOnlineViewer/ddraw.dll ddraw.dll.bak
Step 4:
Download -O
Step 5:
Extract contents to FINAL FANTASY XI game folder replacing everything.
Step 6:
Open PlayOnlineViewer via Lutris Run Exe Inside Wine Prefix Path/to/PlayOnlineViewer/pol.exe
Step 7:
Update PlayOnlineViewer via Prompt to Update
Step 8:
Login in PlayOnline using ABCD1234
Step 9:
Click check files to verify FINAL FANTASY XI is installed.
Step 10:
Step 11:
Click Check Files again, and then click repair when it ask and Wait
Step 12:
Now exit PlayOnlineViewer copy Path/to/PlayOnlineViewer/data Path/to/FINAL FANTASY XI/data
Step 13:
Rename Path/to/PlayOnlineViewer/ddraw.dll.bak ddraw.dll
Step 14:
Run winetricks via Lutris
Step 15:
Select Install a application, then click ok.
Step 16:
Click install a Windows component.
Step 17:
Select dotnet40,dotnet452,vcrun2010,vcrun2012,vcrun2013,vcrun2015,vcrun2017 and then click ok.
Step 18:
Now download Ashita v3 and extract it WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Ashita/Ashita.exe
Step 19:
Run EXE inside WINEPREFIX via Lutris and select Ashita.exe from where you placed it.
Step 20:
Click + to create new config
Step 21:
Under file point it to ffxi_bootmod/pol.exe inside Ashita folder.
Step 22:
Command will be --server yourserveraddress, finish configuring as usual and save.
Step 23:
Go to Ashita folder/config/boot, rename your configuration xml file to something.xml.
Step 24:
Configure FINAL FANTASY XI via Lutris. Set executable to Ashita folder/injecter.exe . Argument should be
set to something.xml
Step 25:
Click ok to save it.
Step 26:
Now click Play to run it.

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