LionOS is Ready to Roll

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LionOS is Ready to Roll! from r/LionOS

LionOS is Powered by MX Linux, and is free software without warranty.

LionOS comes out of the box with Lutris and Steam ready for gaming!

The default browser for LionOS is Google Chrome.





I recommend using Rufus to make the ISO a flash drive if you're on Windows, otherwise people already running a different linux distribution download the MX-Linux live-usb-maker which can be found here.

We Can't Wait for you to join the pride!

2 thoughts on “LionOS is Ready to Roll”

  1. Lion OS eval

    Why Google chrome as a browser??

    You can reach out to us in the Discord! Is that right next to my “Any Button” Don’t assume please put the links in thanks.
    Are you going to get language support for other languages?
    Did not see any broken links.
    Need the descriptor for what platforms this will/not run on.


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